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So, what's on the plate?
Remote $ & RP
You can give anyone an *unlimited amount of GTA5 $ & RP remotely.
  • 10K $ money loop (unlimited)
  • 5K $ money loop (semi-unlimited)
  • 2.5K $ money drop (unlimited)
  • Make your friends wealthy with our remote options and help them acquire collectibles and pick-up drops. These methods will allow you to power up your friends at an insane speed.
    Join by Rockstar IDs
    If you want to participate in a lobby hosted by someone who is not on your friends list, it's easy to do so by using their Rockstar ID. Simply locate their Rockstar ID and input it whenever you want to join their lobby. This will allow you to join their game and play with them, even if you are not friends on the platform.
    Remote Session Control
    Add some fun to your networking experience by using our tools to teleport people to random locations, spam them with cars, or provide them with a collection of weapons. We have everything you need to make your game sessions more enjoyable!
    Perfect Recovery
    We've invested a lot of time in our recovery methods. You can easily earn 1.440.000.000$/hour. Give yourself any level instantly & unlock everything there is to unlock quickly. Modifying your stats is also possible.
    Vehicle Options
    Our menu offers the most advanced vehicle customization options available. You can add parachutes, jump and rocket boost to any vehicle, as well as change its horsepower and even cause it to explode upon crashing. We also have a selection of unique, modded vehicles that are all created by our team. These features set us apart from any other menu out there.
    Casino Mastermind
    Take control of the casino as the boss and manipulate roulette tables to your advantage, making everyone win or lose as you see fit. This easy method allows you to turn your friends into billionaires in a matter of minutes by letting them win 330K per bet or over 5 million dollars. Become the ultimate casino mastermind with our tool.
    Spoof around
    Our advanced anti-spoofing features will help you hide from other modders while doing actions like spectating or enabling god mode. This is an effective way to enjoy the game without being constantly hounded or tracked by others.
    As seen on YouTube
    Not convinced yet? Take a look at our showcase playlist!
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    Pricing Plans
    You have 2 plans to choose from, depending on your budget.


    The scary essentials.

    zilla membership
    $4 per month


    $20 lifetime
    Access to our community
    24/7 Live Support
    Grief features
    Trolling features
    Security & Protections


    Full power, unleashed.

    zilla membership
    $8.50 per month


    $30 lifetime
    Everything in Zilla
    Networking Features
    Abuse options
    Kicks & Crashes
    Spoofing Features
    Where can I buy?
    We offer a bunch of payment methods through our resellers!
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    Payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USD Tether (ERC20)
    Store status
    (updated March 28, 2023)
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    Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Crypto, (German) Paysafecard
    Store status
    (updated March 28, 2023)
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    Payment methods: PayPal, Credit/Debit, Google Pay, CashApp, Venmo & Local Bank Methods
    Store status
    (updated March 28, 2023)
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